Monday, 24 October 2011

July 2011 - Chicken progress..

Many happy chooks
Mid winter came along, and the chooks were thriving, getting fatter and growing to be lovely birds. But there was one problem... we had waaayyyy too many. This led us to think that we would have to make a plan to either separate the flock, or start slaughtering, or sell some of them..

They all still looked very much alike though, and being new to the whole chicken farming thing we could just not tell them apart, except for two very definite roosters.. :-| I have to add though that even though we knew that there was too many, we really have taken a liking to the chickens being on our smallholding, and enjoyed the interaction with them just so.

One of our Buff Reds

Always happy to get fed
The chook house complete
We soon decided that what we needed for our chickens, or at least four of them, and also for our veg garden was a chicken tractor. And after much research in Permaculture books and on the net we soon found a host of different tractors to choose from. We actually ended up choosing one from what we consider to be the bible of sustainable living: John Seymour's Complete book of Self-Sufficiency. But since there were no dimensions mentioned in the book, we had to find some on the net. But more on that later... :-)

Jan fitting and adjusting for the handles.

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