Friday, 3 June 2011

March 2010 in the Veg Patch

Veg Patch under construction
In the same month we decided to overhaul the veg patch, and so Jan built boxes, and I took on the task of restructuring the raised tyre garden. The latter was sagging, and I felt it needed re-doing..

We had brought in the tyres to build a retaining wall up against the septic tank, and then to be able to use them as planters for herbs and other small greens. So I started stacking the tyres off centre of eachother, and filled them with sand/compost. The tyre garden serves a dual purpose since it also help to hide the septic tank. :-) When it came to replanting, we did herbs, and a whole lot of succulents and a protea. This part of the garden is still in development though, and it might change again in future, but for now it really works well.

Jan's new boxes
Jan built some new planter boxes, for things like spinach etc. We used all offcuts of wood that we had lying around, so in effect we recycled. We have also layered all our kitchen scraps in the boxes with compost, thus building them up and making good soil for the sowing season. The last few crops from the current season would be harvested now as well.

I know it looks rather sad, but the winters here are really dull, and we have not yet figured out the winter crop thing... I am hoping to get that going by next season... :-)
The veg patch from the field entrance

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