Thursday, 9 June 2011

September 2010

Jan and Andreas painting an ugly spot on the shed
So Spring made her comeback with vigour, and for all of us that meant getting back into the swing of things and preparing for ome new tasks and projects..

The first one we needed to tackle was getting rid of the ugly graffiti on the shed wall, which had been there ever since we came here. So Jan mixed some paint and added some tint to make it more or less cement colour, and started painting over the bad spot.

Of course Andreas, being an avid helper wanted to paint too, so we let him help.

Andreas painting the wall
 And after the snow and drab winter weather, it was nice to see the beginnings of the new season show its face in our garden. But even more so, it made us realise how much was still missing from it, and that we would have to make a plan to get more plants in. :-)

The garden from the shed side
But we still had the whole summer ahead of us too, so this was comfort in itself.

Down at the river things were also happening, and even though we had not had much winter rain, the Haarlem dam was still full past its capacity, and the irrigation restrictions were lifted. This pleased us of course, as the sowing season was about to start, and we needed to get some seeds in, otherwise we would not have any sort of harvest this summer..

Waterblommetjies in the river

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