Saturday, 16 July 2011

April 2011 - The wild mushrooms

Poplar Bolete 
The number of wild mushrooms that we have in our fields, and down by the forest is amazing. We have found a large variety of mushrooms, some of which are quite edible, so this is of course very interesting!!

We harvest White Parasol mushrooms every year, when they are in season. And I like to dry them for use in stews etc, they have an amazing flavour, and you only have to use very little to be able to taste them, so they last us almost the whole year.

The underside of the Poplar Bolete
Obviously as we discover more types of mushrooms, I will be posting them on the blog, and tagging them with... ja you guessed it: Mushrooms. :-P

It's just kind of incredible that we have these amazing fungi growing inconspicuously most of the year, and we have never really payed much attention to them until now. They truly are marvels of nature, at their own

A small variety of the mushrooms we have found
I mean we have found poisonous as well as edible ones, and got an expert opinion on them. But although some of them are edible, I dare not try them, especially if they are slightly odd looking.. :-/ Cause you never know...

I know for a fact that we have Death Caps, and Panther Caps, Sunny Side Up's, Fairy Ring Fungi, Japanese Umbrella's. And that's just to name a few.. :-)

We will as we get to know these fungi better write more about them.

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