Monday, 23 May 2011

August 2009

Jan finishing off the new bookshelf
August started quite interestingly.. we have a local auction in Joubertina every now and again, and we always manage to find something useful, or something we can schooz up and make nice.. So the the auction we found an old kitchen shelf, which we promptly decided to make into a bookshelf seeing as we did not have anywhere to store all our books. :-|

So we sanded the shelf down and painted it with PearlGlo paint... thats wonderful stuff by the way.. and added the little shelves which were cut from an old scaffolding plank. We treated these with Timbafix from PowerFix. This protects raw wood from bugs etc, and gives the wood a very nice natural aged look.

Jan dusting it off before we place it inside
Being able to create something out of things that other people might not appreciate is pretty much what we strive to do in our whole house... creating much out of little, for as little money as possible, and recycling where we can. So keeping this in mind and also trying to create some sort of connection stylewise between what we have bought, and what we have added later is also a challenge sometimes, but even so I believe that we have managed quite well. :-)

The shed window - finally!
We also managed, with the help of our builder to finally get the window in the shed. Granted it still needs glass, but at least its there.

The wall was also neatly plastered and just has a very nice raw cement look now. We like it that way, and might not change it just yet, although Jan has mentioned wanting to paint the whole shed a rust red colour... so we will see what happens... we still have millions of ideas and plans for this place... :-)


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