Monday, 23 May 2011

November 2009 Harvest

The Moon Box
The season started out quite well, and we had sown all manner of things in the veg patch. Things were really looking neat and productive. A small haven in the making... ? Hmmmm maybe, but we really had put in a lot of work up until now to get it to look like this..

We still at this point had out two eco-circles in place, and had also carted a whole lot of old tyres into this garden to create areas for things... recycling once again. :-)  The eco-circles did ok, but weren't very productive so after the season was over we decided to rethink out strategies for the veg-patch. The whole point of having a veg garden out here in the stick is to be able to provide enough greens for your family to eat over the season, and with clever planning, throughout the year..
The fence garden

The fence garden close-up
I will still be keeping the fence garden, but using if for stuff like Nasturtiums, and Salad Burnett, as well as other "easy" herbs, and maybe even a couple of berry bushes. I would love to have some Blueberries, and  Rasperries. We have Strawberries... many and they do really well in our area. :-)

We also planted a Lemon tree, this has gone from strength to strength, and after someone told us to give it Epsom salts, it seems to finally have realised what it needs to do. We hope to get our first lemons in summer 2011.

Our rhubarb
 The rhubarb will return year after year, and hopefully just get stronger for each season.. Its kind of nice to have all the summer things right at your backdoor.. :-) I have never really been big on gardening, but somedays, when I get stuck in, I can work all day. And that really makes one realise how important having a relationship with the Earth is....

We grow beetroot for pickling mainly, though they are just as good as raw food.. I love beetroot, they are one of my favourite veg.. :-)


We also harvested red and white onions, and a few other things which I can't remember right now. We also experimented with mushroom growing, and had ordered a do-it-yourself box from Mycophiles with King Oysters in it. These did quite well and we harvested quite a few. But the most amazing this we have discovered while living here is that we actually have edible muchrooms in our field... and some other less edible ones. :-|

Red and white onions

That is great since we can now harvest some of these as well. The White Parasols have a nice flavour, and even more so when dried. They dry quite well and are easy to add to stews etc for added flavour... :-)
White Parasol mushroom
Our King Oysters

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