Tuesday, 3 May 2011

July 2009

Field as seen from the garden
By this time we were deep into winter, and rather thankfull for the new ceiling that we had put in. This certainly helped us stay a little warmer. It is known that Avontuur has the lowest average temperature in the whole country... and as Haarlem is only 15km's from Avontuur, it gets really cold here too! As we were soom to find out in the following year.. :)

We actually only continued with the construction of the future chicken house at this stage, it was kind of cold to do any gardening, and we actually did not have a clue as to where to begin, or which crops we could put in at this time of year...

The chicken house
 Actually, in all honesty I think we were all pretty shell shocked still from actually having moved here, and what now kind of thing...?? So doing little things like this helped us to get some sort of an idea as to what we intended with this move, but for the most of it we were actually still pretty clueless!

The house as seem from the garden

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