Monday, 19 September 2011

May 2011 - More Mushrooms!!

False Parasol...
On a recent walk around our plot with the dogs, I decided to take my camera with me.. just in case. :-) This is something I like to do now and then when the seasons are changing... and since we were heading towards winter it would be a good time to look for mushrooms.

We did find a few late ones, but more than that we harvested the seasons first, and rather late, and what also turned our to be the last crop of White Parasols..

Dunno what these are... :-|
A whole bowl of gorgeous edible mushrooms.. :-)

A young White Parasol
The underside of a White Parasol


  1. Nice pictures. We find a lot of these around our neck of the bush, and now due to your pics I know they are edible.

  2. I like to dry mine, cause they last forever..I still have some from last season. And when they are dry, the flavour is also stronger, so you use very little.

    Just be wary that the little skirt on the stem is completely loose, and movable.. :) Then they are the safe ones..