Tuesday, 8 November 2011

August 2011 - To veg or not to veg..

Checking the chickens..
To veg or not to veg that is indeed the question, or at least it was at this point in the game.. :-)

With the new tractor in place we were wondering just how to tackle the veg garden this year, but hubs insisted that we at least try to get some sort of crop out of it, or else we would proverbially die trying..lol. Last year was not so great due to an mole infestation, and of course this demotivated us from doing much at all, but we did realise that no matter what the garden would need a major overhaul this year. And so we tried tentatively with some new things and some old things too.
Our radish spiral
Little did we know at this stage that once we had met Hazel Mugford, everything would change. On a side note I was attending the Uniondale Crafts market and this is where we ran into Hazel and Naomi who also have a stall there. Naomi and her husband run the Outeniqua trout lodge down De Vlugt way, and Hazel and her partner and son stay on the farm too, and offer Permaculture courses... but more on that later.. :-)

Rosemary gone wild. :-)
For now we had to make do with a very dishevelled garden, and had to make a plan to at least get it into some workable order.. so we sowed lettuce, and some other sundry crop items..

And things were still not going according to plan.. the chickens weren't really happy (due to the fact that there were two roosters in the tractor), and the moles were still here disrupting the soil, and then we had what seemed like the whole Haarlem population of slugs and snails.. so we lost out lettuce crop to them, and everything else was just   blegh to look at.. and seemed like it was going nowhere.. the only thing we managed to enjoy was the radish.. but then again you don't need a degree in gardening to be able to grow them.. lol.

Everything really needed a rethink, we just didn't know where to start...

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