Sunday, 20 November 2011

Up to date at last with news from the garden

Cherry tomatoes in a bottle - hopefully.. 
So where are we actually at now time wise with this blog..? November? Ahh.. :)

Okay - what have we done. Well for starters we are continuing our permaculture journey by incorporating other ideas into our garden, and even bringing some of the veg into what we consider to be Zone 1, which is the immediate area around your house.. in a manor of speaking the veg patch is a Zone 1 as well seeing as this is adjacent to the house. Never mind - the more the merrier!
Rhubarb in a box

Our..errm basin planter..  :-P
So for starters we moved the planting boxes/raised beds to the front garden. I have used the one for a rhubarb crown that I had grown from seed, and nurtured carefully ever since. This rhubarb with its new semi-shade spot has now exploded into a very nice looking plant, and I am very excited about having rhubarb in my garden. I grew up with my Gran's glorious rhubarb that were so huge the leaves were the size of an open umbrella!! And I also love what you can do with it. :) The other box now has a flowering creeper in it which will compliment the Wisteria on the otherside of this afdakkie (Afdakkie = a covered area where you can sit). We are also still using tyres and other crazy objects to create interesting and/or useful areas in the garden. Like our basin planter in which I have sowed Petunia seeds, and the tyre next to that has Calendula seeds in it. These are coming up now..Yay!

We have also sown some cherry tomato seeds in adapted 5l water bottles. I find that this is a nice way to recycle them, and thereby create less waste.

Our SA prayer flags

Our afdakkie.. :)
Recently on a trip to Timberlake, between Wilderness and Sedgefield, with two very good friends, I found these South African prayer flags which I thought were quite cool, and since they appealed to my pagan self, and could even work for anyone else of any other faith I thought they would make a nice addition to the wind chimes and fairies in our garden. I have plans to add even more objet d'art of that nature as we go along. Some might think we are hippies, but you know what - I don't really care! My garden makes me happy, it gives my kids pleasure, and we enjoy being in it with all the points of interest, and the dare I say ethereal sounds of the chimes around us.

We have an abundance of bird life, and we actually spotted a Paradise Flycatcher the other day in our Pepper tree.. very shy little creature, but oh so pretty. As you have probably gathered by now, I am a fan of pretty, of flowers and flowers with uses, and also of the quirky. Who knows how the garden will develop in time. For now I am loving it just the way it is. :)

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