Sunday, 20 November 2011

Developing the veg patch from scratch - literally!

Mr. Rooster crowing for his breakfast
Time sure does fly sometimes.. it just struck me that we are in December!!! The photos for this post were taken in November... ahh well... been busy. *blink blink*..

Coming along
One circle planted/sown, the dome on the second circle. We have moved that now to a new location, and the second circle is also planted/sown and mulched.. also we have made two raised beds, the one has Mielies (corn) and beans, and the other has Raspberries. We have positioned them such that in time as the veg patch develops then we can extend them and maybe even join them somehow.. Father time will help us decide what is best, and how. :)

Nuther raised bed - for Raspberries... Yum!!
For now though we are enjoying seeing the lettuces coming up, we have some onions in and sweetcorn, and pumpkin (self sowers from last season which we are going to allow to finish before we put a dome on that spot), some tomatoes and cucumbers in tyres, some pineapple plants (exciting!), lots of strawberries (which we don't want to move just yet either), some beetroot, potatoes, horseradish, radish, comfrey, some herbs and a few other things. 

We are at this stage still exprimenting which we develop the new permaculture layout, but are already very excited to see the potential which is unfolding as we go along.. we will be turning the shadehouse, and extending a small section to excorporate a small fruit orchard for which we have some peaches and a plum. We also have some old apple trees, which we need to thin out, and then only keep one of two which we will help along a little.. Our Biogas reactor is now producing gas, and the effluent water from that we are starting to use on the trees and shrubs in our garden.. we also have a worm-bin going. The way things are now we produce very little waste, basically all of our organic waste goes either to the worms, the chickens or the digester. What ends up in the bin is packaging etc. We recycle all newspaper, and most of the plastic bottles.. so here's to going green! <3 I hope that in 2012 we will be able to reduce our waste even more.. :)

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