Sunday, 20 November 2011

October 2011 - Getting our groove on with Permaculture

The infant stage of our new veg patch
Quite a lot has happened since the actual date of the last post.. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had gone on a Permaculture course over a weekend in September at the Outeniqua Trout Lodge which was hosted by Permaculture South Africa's Hazel Mugford. And she has a reputation of note, and comes highly recommended!! So we went to gain insight into what we were doing wrong, and what we could do to create the change we wanted to see in the veg garden.

Our first circle with it's keyhole
We had the previous year failed miserably to plant/sow anything, and had a huge mole problem.
We have since found out that the stones we used to create nice raised beds etc, were actually attracting the moles, so that was change No 1 - getting rid of all the stones in the veg patch. Having done this where we started with the new layout, we have seen that the new part is now mole-free. Yay!! 

Jan digging the keyhole
Problem No 2 - creating a layout that would work not only with the domes, but also for us, and still be kind of pretty. So we decided on a kind of S-curve in our patch to accommodate the septic tank and run-off, as well as a tree that we had planted last season. 
We will also be doing the raised beds that we were shown, using sheet mulching, cardboard and manure. So we have a very infantile start at this time, but hopefully in time and as we progress with the moving of the dome the structure will come into its own, and we will end up having a fabulous veg patch with good yields, and diversity. :)

Our permaculture adventure has just started, and it is indeed one which we will continue on in more ways than one. Having done the course has been a true eye-opener for us. We are still very keen to do a mushroom course with Hazel as well at a later date, seeing as we have quite a few wild mushrooms here around Autumn and would like to know more about them, as well as how to maintain a mushroom yield, and perhaps even develop that into a supply. Making the changes we want will take time and dedication to the cause, we are prepared and well equipped now to make them, and I for one am really excited to see and document how our veg patch and garden develop in time. :)

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