Thursday, 14 April 2011

April 2009

Back of shed
 We needed a place to store the things that didn't fit into the house, so seeing as we had a couple of building ruins on the plot we figured it might be the best idea to fix them. We hired a local builder to come build the shed finished for us. The building used to be an old pig shed, there is still a feed crib inside, but it had to do.

Roof section
We had ordered 1000 bricks from the Kammanassie brick works, and when the lorry got here, I had to help ofload the bricks. Jan was still working in George during the week, so I was quite relieved when all the bricks had been off loaded and the lorry left..

We bought poles for the roof, and zinc. The shed is not insulated in any way, but at least it keeps everything dry. We still need to throw a concrete floor inside, but thats a job for another time.. getting the shed up was quite urgent!

The front side and door

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