Thursday, 14 April 2011

January 2009

Front garden Jan 2009

Not much was going on this month. We were all still in the holiday spirit, and I think it was more a case of where do we start.. so I had sowed some seeds in December already just to get into the spirit of things... Jan had managed to put up a small fence to keep the dogs out of the front garden, and life was bliss. We were also still busy unpacking boxes and re-arranging furniture, there were a gazillion things that needed doing.

Gary and Ronalee's house
Then there was more to see. Like the house on the hill, which we found out belonged to Gary and Ronalee Olivier from Somerset West. They had already been here for a couple of years before we arrived, so they were pretty settled in at that point. Ronalee runs a B&B, and their place is called Afsaal. 
Hannes and Manda's house

And then there was Hannes and Manda Visser, who own a third of the smallholding. We also still at that stage owned a third, and the other third belonged to Irma du Preez, Jan's sister. Hannes is a Principal at a small farm school in George, and Manda is a teacher at the same school. They are lovely people, with whom we get along well with.

But overall we were quite happy, and the whole experience was still so new that we were relishing it. Taking stacks of photos for memories etc. It never crossed my mind back then to start a blog like this. I see the need for it now though with all that we have achieved and changed, and added and built, and grown..

Rainbow over the forest

We are just so lucky that we have this little spot in such a wonderful surrounding. I mean how many people can say that they live on a smallholding with a forest and a river, and lots of wildlife.. Idyllic? Yes to a large extent it probably is, but we came here with a purpose: To create a self-sufficient lifestyle which was as off the grid as possible.

Moon over the mountains

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  1. You are lucky to live in such an amazing location. Having the forest and the river at the end of your garden is just so amazing.