Thursday, 14 April 2011

April 2009 Garden

Front garden
 By now the little garden in the front of the house was taking shape, and we had lots of lettuce and a few other things. I found out that the ground here in this bit is quite stoney, so it does not work for root veg like Beetroot and Carrots..

I decided it might be nice to pretty things up a little, so I planted a few flowering shrubs, like Lavender and Daisies, and I also had a few Geranium/Pelargonium slips that Jan's mom gave me. These were put in and watered diligently.. soon we had a little colour in the front, and what has started out as a makeshift veg patch became a flowerbed.

Kitchen window garden
Under the kitchen window was another little stretch of earth, very poorly looked after, full of stones and so on. But here we planted a Hanepoort vine, and strawberries. Both of these took easily in the poor soil. Today this part is completely different, but more on that later in a different post. :)

The very beginning of the future veg patch
The future veg patch would be on the master bedroom side of the house as we had a nice piece of field there which was un-utilized. The previous owner had had a fruit orchard there, but sadly all of the trees had been chopped off at grass level, and there was nothing there now. A clean slate, or at least thats what we thought...

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