Thursday, 14 April 2011

December 2008

The right side of the field

So we had just moved down from Centurion to the Smallholding, and had to wait a couple of days for our stuff to arrive... It was just before Christmas too.

We took some time to get aquainted with our new surroundings, there was quite a bit to take in. The huge empty field, and the river at the bottom of the forest.

The river

The kids thought the river was just the best thing ever, and so they started to build a wall made of rocks and stones to create a dam. This in turn made for a very nice swimming hole. We have various types of river grasses, and Waterblommetjies, sand banks and Poplar and some Wattle.

Of course once the truck came and we offloaded alll the boxes, we had to kind of unpack what we could. But finding a place for everything was kind of hard, so we left most of it just where it was..we had no other choice really... :-|

Our kitchen

So this is what our kitchen looked like for a while before things got a little more organised. I can't believe, looking back, that we actually cooked and lived like that.

And below is the house from the master bedroom side. Doesn't look like much, I know..

House from Master bedroom side

And with all the boxes standing everywhere there really was not much room. But we had to make do with this for a while at least. There was just stuff everywhere you looked.. Even in the master bedroom!!

But at the end of the day one makes these choices in the hopes of getting a better, healthier life. I good place for kids to grow and develop into consciensous people. One that is more fullfilling, and meaningful in todays money and status focused society. We were lucky to be able to make this choice... and what an adventure it has become!

Andreas discovering a snail

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  1. Wow Nina. I cannot believe how different it looked then. You guys have done a stunning job on both the house and the garden.