Tuesday, 19 April 2011

May 2009

Through the front door
So with the time having moved on to May of 2009, we were more or less unpacked, had managed to aquire a few pieces of furniture for the kitchen to help with the storage problem and so on. I had stripped the kitchen/front door with a hot-air gun, and found this lovely red underneath the numerous layers of paint that came off.. the door had been cream, and green and turquoise... lol...

Master bedroom

The Master bedroom was also a little more "spacious" after having bought some real cupboards. Nothing is built-in here, so one has to improvise. But the advantage of that is that one gradually aquires some lovely pieces, and you are able to collect things which really fit the house both in style and sometimes even in age..hehehe. We quickly learned that there was an auction now and again in Joubertina, so now we go everytime we get notice of one.. many of our added bits of furniture are either second hand, or from an auction. :)

Living room from Masterbed side

We were quite happy, and even though it was May, the weather was still glorious. Lots of sunshine days, and warm weather. I had managed to put up curtains in most of the spaces that needed them. The boys were happy up in the loft room, and things were generally looking great, save for a little paint here and there.. We were prepared for the renovation process though, and had lots of plans on how best to optimize the space we had.

Our chimenea
We had installed our chimenea in the living room area, and this was quite efficient at keeping the place warm on colder days. We have since replaced the chimenea with a cast-iron fireplace... :) The chimenea will go in the new sitting room..

So even though the weather was shifting and winter was wrapping its icy fingers around the trees and us, we still marvelled at the glorious sun rises and beauty of our surroundings as can be seen in the next couple of photos.

Sunrise in May

The reeds in the bottom of the field in bloom..

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